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Новое платье короля. Ч.5

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Словарный запас



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Hans Christian Andersen


Part 5

‘How is this?’ said the Emperor to himself. ‘I can see nothing! This is indeed a terrible affair! Am I a simpleton, or am I unfit to be an Emperor? That would be the worst thing that could happen - Oh! the cloth is charming,’ said he, aloud. ‘It has my complete approbation.’ And he smiled most graciously, and looked closely at the empty looms; for on no account would he say that he could not see what two of the officers of his court had praised so much. All his retinue now strained their eyes, hoping to discover something on the looms, but they could see no more than the others; nevertheless, they all exclaimed, ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and advised his majesty to have some new clothes made from this splendid material, for the approaching procession (для приближающейся процессии). ‘Magnificent! Charming! Excellent!’ resounded on all sides; and everyone was uncommonly gay. The Emperor shared in the general satisfaction; and presented the impostors with the riband (уст. лента) of an order of knighthood (рыцарский орден), to be worn in their button-holes (в петлице), and the title of ‘Gentlemen Weavers (придворные ткачи).’

The rogues sat up the whole of the night before the day on which the procession was to take place, and had sixteen lights burning, so that everyone might see how anxious they were to finish the Emperor's new suit. They pretended to roll the cloth off the looms; cut the air with their scissors; and sewed with needles without any thread in them. ‘See!’ cried they, at last. ‘The Emperor's new clothes are ready!’

And now the Emperor, with all the grandees (вельможа) of his court, came to the weavers; and the rogues raised their arms, as if in the act of holding something up, saying, ‘Here are your Majesty's trousers! Here is the scarf! Here is the mantle! The whole suit is as light as a cobweb; one might fancy one has nothing at all on, when dressed in it; that, however, is the great virtue of this delicate cloth.’

‘Yes indeed!’ said all the courtiers (придворные), although not one of them could see anything of this exquisite manufacture.

‘If your Imperial Majesty will be graciously pleased to take off your clothes, we will fit on the new suit, in front of the looking glass.’

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Список слов, которые выучили в уроке

play terrible - ужасный, страшный
play to happen - случаться, происходить
play approbation - одобрение, разрешение
play graciously - любезно, милостиво
play closely - внимательно, близко
play on no account - ни в коем случае
play retinue - свита, эскорт
play to strain - напрягать, натягивать
play nevertheless - тем не менее, все же
play to advise - советовать
play to resound - раздаваться, громко звучать
play uncommonly - необычайно
play to share - разделять, делить
play satisfaction - удовлетворение, удовлетворенность
play to present - дарить
play to wear (wore, worn) - носить, быть одетым
play title - титул, заглавие
play to burn (burnt, burnt) - гореть, пылать
play to roll - завертывать, катиться
play scissors - ножницы
play to sew (sewed, sewn) - шить
play needle - игла
play act - действие, поступок
play trousers - брюки, штаны
play scarf - шарф
play mantle - мантия, плащ
play cobweb - паутина
play virtue - достоинство, добродетель
play to take off - снимать, взлетать
play looking glass - зеркало

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