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Still Not Satisfied

"до сих пор" - "still"
"удовлетворять" - "to satisfy"
"неискоренимый" - "incurable"
"ворчун" - "grumbler"
"наконец" - "at last"
"жалоба" - "complaint"
"урожай" - "crop"
"картофель" - "potato"
"несомненно" - "certainly"
"сияющий" - "beaming"
"деревня" - "village"
"отличный" - "splendid"
"сердито смотреть" - "to glower"
"свинья" - "pig"

Still Not Satisfied

Mrs. Higgins was an incurable grumbler. She grumbled at everything and everyone. But at last the vicar (приходский священник; викарий) thought he had found something about which she could make no complaint; the old lady's crop of potatoes was certainly the finest for miles round.

‘Ah, for once you must be well pleased,’ he said, with a beaming smile, as he met her in the village street. ‘Everyone's saying how splendid your potatoes are this year.’

The old lady glowered at him as she answered:

‘They're not so poor. But where's the bad ones for the pigs?’