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There was once upon a time a piece of wood in the shop of an old carpenter named Master Antonio. Everybody, however, called him Master Cherry, on account of the end of his nose, which was always as red and polished as a ripe cherry.
No sooner had Master Cherry set eyes on the piece of wood than his face beamed with delight, and, rubbing his hands together with satisfaction, he said softly to himself: "This wood has come at the right moment; it will just do to make the leg of a little table."

He immediately took a sharp axe with which to remove the bark (кора) and the rough surface, but just as he was going to give the first stroke he heard a very small voice say imploringly, "Do not strike me so hard!"

He turned his terrified eyes all around the room to try and discover where the little voice could possibly have come from, but he saw nobody! He looked under the bench - nobody; he looked into a cupboard (буфет) that was always shut - nobody; he looked into a basket of shavings (стружка) and sawdust (опилки) - nobody; he even opened the door of the shop and gave a glance into the street - and still nobody. Who, then, could it be?

"I see how it is," he said, laughing and scratching his wig, "evidently (очевидно) that little voice was all my imagination. Let us set to work again."    And, taking up the axe, he struck a tremendous (огромный) blow on the piece of wood.

- "Oh! oh! you have hurt me!" cried the same little voice dolefully (печально).

This time Master Cherry was petrified (окаменел). His eyes started out (выскочили) of his head with fright, his mouth remained open, and his tongue hung out almost to the end of his chin, like a mask on a fountain. As soon as he had recovered the use of his speech he began to say, stuttering and trembling with fear: "But where on earth can that little voice have come from that said 'Oh! oh!'? Is it possible that this piece of wood can have learned to cry and to lament (плакать) like a child? I cannot believe it. This piece of wood is nothing but a log (бревно) for fuel (для топки) like all the others, and thrown on the fire it would about suffice to boil a saucepan (кастрюля, горшок) of beans. How then? Can anyone be hidden inside it? If anyone is hidden inside, so much the worse for him (ему же хуже). I will settle him at once."

So saying (с этими словами), he seized the poor piece of wood and commenced (начал) beating it without mercy against the walls of the room (об стены комнаты). Then he stopped to listen if he could hear any little voice lamenting. He waited two minutes - nothing; five minutes - nothing; ten minutes - still nothing!

"I see how it is," he then said, forcing himself to laugh, and pushing up (взъерошил) his wig; "evidently the little voice that said 'Oh! oh!' was all my imagination! Let us set to work again."

Putting the axe aside, he took his plane, to plane and polish the bit of wood; but whilst (пока) he was running it up and down he heard the same little voice say, laughing: "Stop! you are tickling me all over!"

This time poor Master Cherry fell down (пал ниц) as if he had been struck by lightning. When he at last opened his eyes he found himself seated on the floor. His face was changed, even the end of his nose, instead of being crimson (малиновый), as it was nearly always, had become blue from fright.

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Список слов, которые выучили в уроке

play to laugh - смеяться, рассмеяться
play to cry - кричать, плакать
once upon a time - однажды, давным-давно
play carpenter - плотник, столяр
play however - тем не менее, однако
play on account of - из-за, вследствие
play ripe - спелый, зрелый
no sooner - than - как только - так
play to set eyes on - остановить взгляд на, обратить внимание на
play delight - удовольствие, наслаждение
to beam with delight - сиять от восторга
play satisfaction - удовлетворение, удовлетворенность
to rub hands - потирать руки
play to say (said, said) - сказать, говорить
play immediately - немедленно
play axe - топор
play to remove - удалять, убирать
play rough - грубый, жесткий
play surface - поверхность
to be going to - собираться сделать
stroke - удар,  припадок
play to hear (heard, heard) - слышать, услышать
play to implore - умолять, просить
play to strike (struck, stricken) - бить, ударять
play to discover - обнаруживать, делать открытие
play bench - скамейка, скамья
fright - страх, испуг
play basket - корзина
play to give a glance - бросить взгляд
play to scratch - чесать, рыться
play wig - парик
play imagination - воображение, фантазия
play to hurt (hurt, hurt) - причинить боль, ранить
play to remain - оставаться
play tongue - язык
play chin - подбородок
play to believe - верить, доверять
play to throw (threw, thrown) - бросать, кидать
play to suffice - быть достаточным, хватать
play to boil - варить, кипеть
play to hide (hid, hidden) - скрывать, прятать
play to settle - расквитаться, улаживать
play poor - слабый, бедный
mercy - жалость, сожаление
play to seize - хватать, схватить
play to tickle - щекотать,  забавлять

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