- тренажер для запоминания слов

The old man and his grandson

"некий" - "certain"
"еда" - "meal"
"внимательный" - "careful"
"проливать" - "to spill"
"суп" - "soup"
"пиджак" - "coat"
"пытаться" - "to try"
"придавать устойчивость" - "to steady"
"дрожать" - "to tremble"
"пауза" - "pause"
"резко" - "sharply"
"чистый" - "clean"
"скатерть" - "tablecloth"
"смущать" - "to embarrass"
"тарелка" - "plate"
"мясо" - "meat"
"сердито" - "angrily"
"чинить" - "to mend"
"деревянный" - "wooden"
"посуда" - "dishes"
"кивнуть головой" - "to nod"
"указывать" - "to point"
"вздыхать" - "to sigh"
"печально" - "sadly"
"наполнять" - "to fill"
"кубик" - "block"
"пол" - "floor"
"вручать" - "to hand"
"печь" - "oven"
"в дальнейшем" - "hereafter"
"пачкать" - "to soil"
"слеза" - "tear"
"корыто" - "trough"
"стыд" - "shame"
"обращаться" - "to treat"
"плакать" - "to weep"
"служить" - "to serve"
"доброжелательно" - "kindly"
"прощать" - "to forgive"

Augusta Stevenson

The old man and his grandson

TIME: now.
PLACE: a certain MAN'S house.


[The MAN, his WIFE, little HANS, and the GRANDFATHER sit at the table eating the noon meal.]

MAN. Be careful, father! You are spilling the soup on your coat.

GRANDFATHER (trying to steady his trembling hand). Yes, yes, I'll be careful.

[Short pause.]

WIFE (sharply). Grandfather! You have spilled the soup on my clean tablecloth!

GRANDFATHER (embarrassed). Dear me! Dear me! (Боже мой!)

[Short pause.]

MAN. Here, father, is your plate of meat.

[The old man takes the plate, but lets it fall.]

WIFE (angrily). There now! Just see what you have done!

GRANDFATHER. My hand shook so - I'm sorry - so sorry!

WIFE. That won't mend the plate!

MAN. Nor buy a new one!

WIFE (to her husband). He should eat from wooden dishes.

MAN (nodding, pointing to a wooden dish). Let him have that one for his meat.

[The Grandfather sighs sadly. The Wife gets a wooden dish and fills it with meat. Little Hans leaves the table and plays with his blocks on the floor.]

WIFE (handing the wooden dish to the Grandfather). Here's one you can't break. Go now and sit in the corner behind the oven. You shall eat there hereafter. I cannot have my tablecloths soiled - that I cannot!

[The Grandfather takes his wooden plate and goes to the seat in the corner behind the oven. His eyes are filled with tears.]

MAN. Come, little Hans, and finish your dinner.

WIFE (turning to Hans). Bless me! (О, Боже!) What are you making, child?

HANS. A wooden trough for you and father to eat out of when I grow big.

[The Man and his Wife look at each other; there is a pause.]

MAN (showing shame). He will treat us as we have treated father!

WIFE (weeping). 'T will serve us right!

MAN (kindly). Father, throw that wooden dish out of the window. I am ashamed of what I have done; forgive me!

WIFE (kindly). Father, come back to the table. I too am ashamed. Forgive me, dear father.