- тренажер для запоминания слов

How to Host a Halloween Party. Ч.1

"принимать гостей" - "to host"
"скука" - "bore"
"организовать вечеринку" - "to throw a party"
"метод" - "method"
"дом с привидениями" - "haunted house"
"ужас" - "horror"
"украшение" - "decoration"
"простыня" - "sheet"
"покрывать" - "to cover"
"потолок" - "ceiling"
"туман" - "fog"
"добавлять" - "to add"
"вызывающий мурашки" - "creepy"
"мебель" - "furniture"
"посыпать" - "to sprinkle"
"мука" - "flour"
"пыльный" - "dusty"
"готовить" - "to prepare"
"звук" - "sound"
"дополнительный" - "extra"
"коридор" - "hallway"
"разбивать на части" - "to split"
"секция" - "section"
"паук" - "spider"
"скелет" - "skeleton"
"простой" - "plain"
"мешать" - "to mix"
"одинаково" - "equally"
"гость" - "guest"
"полезный" - "useful"
"обычно" - "normally"
"запирать" - "to lock"

How to Host a Halloween Party

Part 1

Are you feeling like this Halloween (Хэллоуин) will be a bore? Then throwing a Halloween party may be just the thing for you (то, что вам нужно).

Method 1 Making a Haunted House O' Horrors

Hang up your decorations. Hang up black sheets on the walls using tacks (гвоздик с широкой шляпкой, кнопка). There's no need to cover the ceiling, because you can turn the lights off and put up strobe lights (импульсная лампа для создания спецэффектов). Get fog machines for added creepiness. You can cover your furniture with black sheets and sprinkle flour on them to make the room look old and dusty.

Prepare your sound effects. Put 1 or 2 CD players hidden behind the sheets, with creepy sound effect CDs in them—no one will know where the sound is coming from. Also, to kill two birds with one stone (убить двух зайцев сразу), get sound strobe lights.

Add extra effects. Hallways are best for extra effects, because you can split them up into 3 or more sections, such as the effects room, spider room, skeleton room, and just plain creepy room. Or you can mix it all up to be equally creepy.

Let the guests in. Hallways are also useful because they're normally at the front of the house. One person can lock the door at the end, and keep it closed for a while, then let them the guests in, where the party is just starting!