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Шерлок Холмс при смерти. Ч.6

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Part 6

I gave Holmes’s remarks as a consecutive whole and will not attempt to indicate how they were interrupted by gaspings for breath and those clutchings of his hands which indicated the pain from which he was suffering. His appearance had changed for the worse during the few hours that I had been with him. Those hectic spots were more pronounced, the eyes shone more brightly out of darker hollows, and a cold sweat glimmered upon his brow. He still retained, however, the jaunty gallantry of his speech. To the last gasp he would always be the master.

‘You will tell him exactly how you have left me,’ said he. ‘You will convey the very impression which is in your own mind - a dying man - a dying and delirious man. Indeed, I cannot think why the whole bed of the ocean is not one solid mass of oysters, so prolific the creatures seem. Ah, I am wandering! Strange how the brain controls the brain! What was I saying, Watson?’

‘My directions for Mr. Culverton Smith.’

‘Ah, yes, I remember. My life depends upon it. Plead with him, Watson. There is no good feeling between us. His nephew, Watson - I had suspicions of foul play and I allowed him to see it. The boy died horribly. He has a grudge against me. You will soften him, Watson. Beg him, pray him, get him here by any means. He can save me - only he!’

‘I will bring him in a cab, if I have to carry him down to it.’

‘You will do nothing of the sort. You will persuade him to come. And then you will return in front of him. Make any excuse so as not to come with him. Don't forget, Watson. You won't fail me. You never did fail me. No doubt there are natural enemies which limit the increase of the creatures. You and I, Watson, we have done our part. Shall the world, then, be overrun by oysters? No, no; horrible! You'll convey all that is in your mind.’

I left him full of the image of this magnificent intellect babbling like a foolish child. He had handed me the key, and with a happy thought I took it with me lest he should lock himself in. Mrs. Hudson was waiting, trembling and weeping, in the passage (в коридоре). Behind me as I passed from the flat I heard Holmes's high, thin voice in some delirious chant ((поэт.) песнь, песнопение). Below, as I stood whistling for a cab, a man came on me through the fog.

‘How is Mr. Holmes, sir?’ he asked.

It was an old acquaintance, Inspector Morton, of Scotland Yard, dressed in unofficial tweeds (в неофициальном костюме).

‘He is very ill,’ I answered.

He looked at me in a most singular fashion. Had it not been too fiendish, I could have imagined that the gleam of the fanlight (веерообразное окно над дверью) showed exultation in his face.

‘I heard some rumour of it,’ said he.

The cab had driven up, and I left him.

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Список слов, которые выучили в уроке

play remark - высказывание, замечание
play consecutive - логичный
play whole - целое, целый
play to attempt - пытаться, стараться
play to indicate - показывать, указывать
play to interrupt - прерывать, перебивать
play to clutch - хвататься, схватить
play appearance - внешний вид, наружность
play pronounced - резко выраженный
play hollow - впадина, пустота
play sweat - испарина, пот
play to glimmer - мерцать, тускло светить
play to retain - сохранять, удерживать
play jaunty - изысканный
play gallantry - галантность, любезность
play to convey - передавать ощущения, перевозить
play delirious - находящийся в бреду
play solid - сплошной, твердый
play oyster - устрица
play prolific - плодовитый
play creature - создание, существо
play to wander - бредить, бродить
play direction - инструкции, направление
play to plead (pled, pled) - умолять, призывать
play suspicion - подозрение
play foul play - преступление, нечестная игра
play grudge - злоба, обида
play to soften - смягчать, размягчать
play by any means - любым способом
play to fail - подвести, потерпеть неудачу
play enemy - враг
play to limit - ограничивать, ставить предел
play increase - прирост, возрастание
play to overrun (overran, overrun) - заполонять, переходить границы
play intellect - интеллектуал, интеллект
play to babble - лепетать, бормотать
play to hand - вручать
play to tremble - дрожать, трястись
play to weep (wept, wept) - плакать, рыдать
play to whistle - свистеть
play acquaintance - знакомый, знакомство
play fashion - манера поведения, мода
play fiendish - жестокий, дьявольский
play exultation - ликование, торжество
play rumour - слухи, слух

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