- тренажер для запоминания слов

Why not?

"бережливый" - "saving"
"пара" - "couple"
"в результате" - "as a result"
"меблированный" - "furnished"
"обнаружить отсутствие" - "to miss"
"отдыхать" - "to rest"
"гостиная" - "parlour"
"ответ" - "reply"
"кричать" - "to cry"
"ужасать" - "to horrify"
"пол" - "floor"
"великолепный" - "grand"
"ковер" - "carpet"
"звук" - "tone"
"мучение" - "anguish"
"свертывать" - "to roll"
"диван" - "sofa"


They were a very saving old couple, and as a result they had a beautifully furnished house. One day the old woman missed her husband. ‘Joseph, where are you?’ she called out.

‘I’m resting in the parlour,’ came the reply.

‘What, on the sofa?’ cried the old woman, horrified.

‘No, on the floor.’

‘Not on that grand carpet!’ came in tones of anguish.

‘No; I’ve rolled it up!’