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Письмо от Санта Клауса

уровень: средний, раздел: рассказы

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Словарный запас



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Santa Claus’s letter

Christmas was coming. Jamie and Ted had already begun to write long letters to Santa Claus. But one thing was rather queer: both boys asked him for the same things.

Each little letter ended with, - ‘Just like Brother’s.'

They agreed to ask for only one sled. They would rather ride together. Now was not this very sweet and loving?

One night, after they had gone to bed, Jamie said, ‘Ted, if Santa Claus brings us skates, Jim can teach us how to use them.'

‘Oh, yes; and if we get fur mittens it will be such fun to make a fort.'

‘And a snow-man,’ Jamie answered.

Ted went on: ‘I’ll always ride the sled down a hill, and you can ride it up.’

‘I guess you won’t,’ Jamie said, speaking loudly.

‘Why not?’  Ted asked.

‘Because it’ll be as much my sled as yours.' (Потому что санки будут такими же моими, как и твоими)

‘Yes, of course,’ Ted replied; ‘but I chose it first.'

‘You are a selfish boy!’ said Jamie.

‘Well, then, so are you!’ (И ты тоже!)

‘I don’t care. I won’t sleep with you. I’ll ask mamma if I can’t have the first pick; I’m the biggest,' roared Jamie, bounding out of bed.

‘You’re a big, cross cry baby,’ Ted shouted, jumping out after his brother.

Away ran Jamie to mamma, with Ted at his heels. Both were angry. Both talked at once.

Mamma was grieved. Her dear little boys had never been so unkind to each other before. She kissed their hot faces and stroked their pretty hair. She told them how their naughty words hurt her. She showed them how displeased God was to see two little brothers quarrel.

That night they went to sleep in each other’s arms, full of love and forgiveness.

Christmas morning came at last. Very early the boys crept out of bed, just to ‘feel’ their stockings.

Papa heard them, and, remembering that he was once a boy lighted the gas (зажег свет).

Each little red stocking was full from toe to top (от носка до самого верха). Boxes and paper parcels were piled around them. Such shouting! Such a good time! It seemed as if all their letters had been answered.

Suddenly Jamie cried, ‘O Ted, here’s a letter!’

They put their little heads together, and with papa’s help spelled this out: -

My dear Boys, - No sled this year. It quarrelled so I was afraid to bring it. I dropped it off the load (я убрал их из ваших подарков) about a week ago. Get ready for it next year. Merry Christmas!  SANTA CLAUS.

Список слов, которые выучили в уроке

play rather - довольно, до некоторой степени
play queer - странный, необычный
play to agree - соглашаться
play sled - санки
play to ride (rode, ridden) - кататься, ездить верхом
play skate - конек
play fur - меховой, мех
play fort - крепость
play hill - холм
play to guess - считать, полагать
play loudly - громко
play to choose (chose, chosen) - выбирать, отбирать
play selfish - эгоистичный
play to care - волноваться, беспокоиться
play pick - выбор
play to roar - реветь, орать
play to bound - прыгать, скакать
play cross - злой, крест
play to shout - кричать, выкрикивать
play heel - пятка
play to grieve - огорчать, горевать
play to stroke - гладить, поглаживать
play naughty - капризный, непослушный
play displeased - недовольный, раздосадованный
play to quarrel - ссориться, ругаться
play forgiveness - прощение
play to creep (crept, crept) - ползать
play stocking - чулок
play parcel - сверток, пакет
play to pile - складывать, сваливать в кучу
play suddenly - вдруг, внезапно
play to spell (spelt, spelt) - составлять по буквам, произносить по буквам

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