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Risotto alla Milanese

"ризотто" - "risotto"
"растапливать" - "to melt"
"кастрюля" - "saucepan"
"поджаривать" - "to brown"
"средний" - "medium"
"луковица" - "onion"
"ломтик" - "slice"
"понемногу" - "little by little"
"рис" - "rice"
"помешивать" - "to stir"
"деревянный" - "wooden"
"сухой" - "dry"
"бульон" - "broth"
"шафран" - "saffron"
"приправлять еду" - "to dress"
"подавать" - "to serve"
"блюдо" - "dish"
"позволять" - "to allow"


(Risotto alla Milanese) (Ризотто по-милански)

Melt a small piece of butter in a saucepan. Brown in the butter a medium sized onion, cut in thin slices. When the onion is browned, take it away from the saucepan and add little by little the rice, stirring it with a wooden spoon. Every time that the rice becomes dry, add some hot broth (or hot water) until the rice is completely cooked. Add salt and pepper and a little saffron, if you like it.

When the rice is almost cooked, add to it some brown stock. Dress with parmesan cheese and some butter. Mix well and serve hot. This dish must not be allowed to be overcooked or cooled before eating.