- тренажер для запоминания слов

Reese Witherspoon in the Ellen Show

"приобрести права на экранизацию" - "to option"
"напоминать" - "to remind"
"поднимать" - "to bring up"
"тема" - "topic"
"воспоминание" - "flashback"
"объяснять" - "to explain"
"персонаж" - "character"
"подростковый" - "teenage"
"арендовать" - "to rent"
"квартира" - "apartment"
"вовлекать" - "to involve"
"конфликт" - "clash"
"личность" - "personality"
"художник по костюмам" - "costume designer"
"одеваться" - "to dress"
"вдохновение" - "inspiration"
"милый" - "cute"
"осознавать" - "to realize"
"поворачиваться" - "to turn"
"странный" - "weird"
"фактически" - "actually"
"взволнованный" - "excited"

Ellen: That’s Reese Witherspoon in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’. So? I don’t know if you read the book “Little Fires Everywhere”. The book is great, and then you optioned it.

Reese: Yeah, you read the book.

Ellen: Yeah, Yeah

Reese: It’s such a good show. It really… It reminds… It brings up a lot of topics. Like there are so many things to talk about. And it’s set in 90s, so you get all these great flashbacks

Ellen: Explain what it’s about

Reese: So, it’s in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in 1997. My character is a mom with four teenage kids. And then Kerry’s character comes to town and rents an apartment from me, her and her teenage daughter. Her kid gets involved with my kids. She starts working in my home. But it’s just this clash of personalities. And there's nobody better than Kerry Washington, I have to tell you. I'm like, so excited that she and I finally got to work together. I love her.

Ellen: And it's really, it's a great story. And it is the 90s, so you get to dress like the 90s

Reese: Yeah which is really cool. And then the costume designer brought in these inspiration boards, and I was like, “oh, that's cute”. And then I looked over the teenager one, and I was on the teenager board in 19, because I started being an actress in 1990. And so, I was, I realized, I turned to Kerry and I was like, “wait, we're playing our mothers”. This is weird. It's actually kind of cool to call my mom and be like, “oh what is it like to be a mom in the 90s?”

Ellen: Now do you feel like you're being a mom, the way you're talking about, when you get your son to do TickToks with you?

Reese: Oh yeah. Well, you know, he has taught me a lot