- тренажер для запоминания слов


"идти" - "to go"
"рынок" - "market"
"покупать" - "to buy"
"персик" - "peach"
"положить" - "to lay"
"давать" - "to give"
"земля" - "ground"
"жена" - "wife"
"бедный" - "poor"
"больной" - "ill"
"каждый" - "each"
"видеть" - "to see"
"сын" - "son"
"следующий" - "next"
"сказать" - "to say"
"думать" - "to think"
"есть" - "to eat"
"мой" - "mine"
"бросать" - "to throw"
"сохранять" - "to keep"
"косточка" - "stone"
"сажать" - "to plant"
"со временем" - "in time"
"продавать" - "to sell"
"мама" - "mother"
"половина" - "half"
"брать" - "to take"
"делать" - "to do"
"сначала" - "at first"
"приходить" - "to come"
"воспользоваться" - "to make use"
"сосед" - "neighbour"
"деньги" - "money"
"получить" - "to get"


A Farmer went to town, on a market day, and bought five peaches. He gave one to his wife, and one to each of his four sons.

The next day he said to his sons, ‘Well, what have you done with your peaches?’

‘I ate mine,’ said the eldest, ‘and kept the stone. I will plant it in the ground, that I may have a peach-tree, in time.'

‘I sold mine,’ said the second son, ‘and got so much money for it that I can buy six peaches when I go to town.'

‘I ate mine up directly I got it,’ said the youngest, ‘and threw the stone away; and mother gave me half of hers.'

‘I took mine to poor George, our neighbor, who is ill,’ said the third son. ‘He cannot eat much, and I thought he would like it. He would not take it at first, so I laid it upon his bed, and came away.'

Which of all these children made the best use of his peach?