- тренажер для запоминания слов

The Light Of a Smile

"моросить" - "to drizzle"
"лить как из ведра" - "to pour"
"причина" - "reason"
"погода" - "weather"
"внутри дома" - "indoors"
"пасмурный" - "dull"
"подобно" - "like"
"время года" - "season"
"делать" - "to make"
"ясный" - "bright"
"облачный" - "cloudy"
"место" - "place"
"догадаться" - "to guess"
"свет" - "light"
"улыбка" - "smile"
"лицо" - "face"

The Light Of a Smile

If it drizzles and pours,

Is there any reason

The weather indoors

Should be dull, like the season?

There is something makes bright

The cloudiest places;

Can you guess? 'Tis the light

Of the smiles on your faces.