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Evaleen Stein. In July

"тенистый" - "shady"
"ручей" - "brook"
"леденец" - "candy"
"имеющийся под рукой" - "handy"
"беспокоиться" - "to mind"
"жара" - "heat"
"светиться" - "to gleam"
"струиться" - "to ripple"
"собирать" - "to gather"
"изогнутый" - "curly"
"перламутровый" - "pearly"
"мидия" - "mussel"
"раковина" - "shell"
"испуганный" - "frightened"
"рвануться" - "to dart"
"расступаться" - "to part"
"нестись" - "to scurry"
"вне поля зрения" - "out of sight"
"рыба" - "fish"
"желание" - "wish"

Evaleen Stein

        IN JULY

Let us find a shady wady
Pretty little brook;
Let us have some candy handy,
And a picture-book.

There all day we'll stay and play and
Never mind the heat,
While the water gleaming, streaming,
Ripples round our feet.

And we'll gather curly pearly
Mussel-shells while bright
Frightened minnows darting, parting,
Scurry out of sight.

What if, what if, - heigh-ho! my oh! -
All the "ifs" were true,
And the little fishes wishes,
Now, what would you do?


wady [‘weidi] – высохшее русло  реки, пересыхающий водоток,

minnow ['mɪnəu] – гольян, мелкая рыбешка,

heigh-ho ['heɪ'həu] - о-хо-хо!, э-эх! ого-го! ух ты!