- тренажер для запоминания слов

Как освоить иностранный язык. Ч.2

"издание" - "edition"
"укреплять" - "to reinforce"
"строение" - "structure"
"лексика" - "lexis"
"обеспечивать" - "to provide"
"опыт" - "experience"
"текущий" - "current"
"дела" - "affair"
"неотъемлемый" - "integral"
"мнение" - "opinion"
"всеобщий" - "universal"
"отличительный" - "definitive"
"знак" - "mark"
"успех" - "success"
"ручаться" - "to vouch"
"значительный" - "significant"
"усилие" - "effort"
"все время" - "throughout"
"замечательный" - "brilliant"
"привыкать" - "to get used"
"ясно выражать" - "to articulate"
"эквивалент" - "equivalent"
"мастерство" - "mastery"

How to Master a Second Language

Part 2


3. Read, read, read. Picking up a weekly edition of a newspaper or magazine in the target language - 'Le Monde', 'Correre dell serra' or 'Deutsche Zeitungen', for example - is one of the best methods for picking up new vocabulary and reinforcing your grasp of already-learnt vocabulary. As well as increasing your feel of the structure of the language and the use of different lexis, it will provide you with a culturally interesting experience by reading around the current affairs of the country; something which is an integral part of foreign language learning


4. Think. Pensez. Denken. No matter how many differences in the methods people to choose to becoming fluent in their target language, the opinion is almost universal that when you feel like you are 'thinking' in the language, this is a definitive mark of success. This one can be vouched for with French. Making a significant effort to 'say' things in your head throughout the day in the target language is a brilliant way of getting used to articulating your thoughts in the language. If you are at a beginner-intermediate level, try thinking of the equivalent for each thought, desire or opinion you have in the foreign language; this will prepare you for complete mastery.