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K. Gibran. The Two Learned Men

"древний" - "ancient"
"учение" - "learning"
"принижать" - "to belittle"
"отрицать" - "to deny"
"существование" - "existence"
"бог" - "god"
"верующий" - "believer"
"базарная площадь" - "marketplace"
"среди" - "amidst"
"последователь" - "follower"
"спорить" - "to dispute"
"спор" - "contention"
"расставаться" - "to part"
"храм" - "temple"
"падать ниц" - "to prostrate"
"алтарь" - "altar"
"молить" - "to pray"
"сбившийся с пути" - "wayward"
"прошлое" - "past"
"поддерживать" - "to uphold"
"священный" - "sacred"

Khalil Gibran

The Two Learned Men

Once there lived in the ancient city of Afkar two learned men who hated and belittled each other's learning. For one of them denied the existence of the gods and the other was a believer.

One day the two met in the marketplace, and amidst their followers they began to dispute and to argue about the existence or the non-existence of the gods. And after hours of contention they parted.

That evening the unbeliever went to the temple and prostrated himself before the altar and prayed the gods to forgive his wayward past.

And the same hour the other learned man, he who had upheld the gods, burned his sacred books. For he had become an unbeliever.