- тренажер для запоминания слов

Full particulars free

"подробность" - "particular"
"место" - "seat"
"казаться" - "to seem"
"трамвайный вагон" - "tramcar"
"кондуктор" - "conductor"
"разглядывать" - "to eye"
"подозрительно" - "suspiciously"
"наблюдение" - "lookout"
"притворяться" - "to pretend"
"бесплатный проезд" - "free ride"
"правдиво" - "truthfully"
"удовлетворенный" - "satisfied"
"обдумывать" - "to ponder"
"требовать" - "to require"
"вежливо" - "politely"


They were seated in a tramcar - the mother and her little boy.

The conductor eyed the little boy suspiciously. He had to keep a lookout for people who pretended that their children were younger than they really were, in order to obtain (книжноеполучать) free rides for them.

‘And how old is your little boy, madam, please?’

‘Three and a half,’ said the mother truthfully.

‘Right, ma’am,’ said the conductor, satisfied.

Little Willie pondered a minute. It seemed to him that fuller information was required.

‘And mother’s thirty-one,’ he said politely.