- тренажер для запоминания слов

Evaleen Stein. Fairies

"дедушка" - "grandfather"
"звезда" - "star"
"сверкать" - "to twinkle"
"луна" - "moon"
"светить" - "to shine"
"время" - "time"
"люди" - "folk"
"фея" - "fairy"
"намереваться" - "to mean"
"наблюдать" - "to watch"
"цветение" - "bloom"
"пчела" - "bee"

Evaleen Stein


Grandfather says that sometimes,
When stars are twinkling and
A new moon shines, there come times
When folks see fairy-land!

So when there’s next a new moon,
I mean to watch all night!
Grandfather says a blue moon
Is best for fairy light,

And in a peach-bloom, maybe,
If I look I shall see
A little fairy baby
No bigger than a bee!