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Шерлок Холмс при смерти. Ч.5

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Part 5

The incident left a most unpleasant impression upon my mind. The violent and causeless excitement, followed by this brutality of speech, so far removed from his usual suavity, showed me how deep was the disorganization of his mind. Of all ruins, that of a noble mind is the most deplorable. I sat in silent dejection (тихо в подавленном настроении) until the stipulated time had passed. He seemed to have been watching the clock as well as I, for it was hardly six before he began to talk with the same feverish animation as before.

‘Now, Watson,’ said he. ‘Have you any change in your pocket?’


‘Any silver?’

‘Agooddeal.’ (много, значительное количество)

‘How many half-crowns?’

‘I have five.’

‘Ah, too few! Too few! How very unfortunate, Watson! However, such as they are you can put them in your watch pocket (карман для часов). And all the rest of your money in your left trouser pocket. Thank you. It will balance you so much better like that.’

This was raving insanity (полный бред, явное безумие). He shuddered, and again made a sound between a cough and a sob.

‘You will now light the gas, Watson, but you will be very careful that not for one instant shall it be more than half on. I implore you to be careful, Watson. Thank you, that is excellent. No, you need not draw the blind. Now you will have the kindness to place some letters and papers upon this table within my reach. Thank you. Now some of that litter from the mantelpiece. Excellent, Watson! There is a sugar-tongs (щипцы для сахара) there. Kindly raise that small ivory box with its assistance. Place it here among the papers. Good! You can now go and fetch Mr. Culverton Smith, of 13 Lower Burke Street.’

To tell the truth, my desire to fetch a doctor had somewhat weakened, for poor Holmes was so obviously delirious that it seemed dangerous to leave him. However, he was as eager now to consult the person named as he had been obstinate in refusing.

‘I never heard the name,’ said I.

‘Possibly not, my good Watson. It may surprise you to know that the man upon earth who is best versed in this disease is not a medical man, but a planter. Mr. Culverton Smith is a well-known resident of Sumatra, now visiting London. An outbreak of the disease upon his plantation, which was distant from medical aid, caused him to study it himself, with some rather far-reaching consequences. He is a very methodical person, and I did not desire you to start before six, because I was well aware that you would not find him in his study. If you could persuade him to come here and give us the benefit of his unique experience of this disease, the investigation of which has been his dearest hobby, I cannot doubt that he could help me.’

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Список слов

causeless - беспричинный
brutality - жестокость, безжалостность
removed - отдаленный, удаленный
suavity - обходительность, учтивость
disorganization - дезорганизация, расстройство
ruin - развалина, крушение
noble - благородный, возвышенный
deplorable - плачевный, печальный
stipulated - оговоренный
animation - воодушевление, оживление
to balance - уравновешивать, сохранять равновесие
to shudder - вздрагивать, содрогаться
cough - кашель
to implore - умолять, просить
blind - штора, слепой
reach - досягаемость, доступность
litter - разбросанные вещи, беспорядок
to raise - поднимать, растить детей
assistance - помощь, поддержка
weakened - ослабленный
obviously - явно, очевидно
delirious - находящийся в бреду
eager - страстно желающий, жаждущий
obstinate - упрямый, настойчивый
versed - опытный, сведущий
planter - плантатор, фермер
outbreak - вспышка, взрыв
consequence - последствие, следствие
aware - знающий, осведомленный
to persuade - убеждать, склонять
benefit - польза, выгода
unique - уникальный
investigation - исследование, расследование

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