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A Domestic Tragedy. R.W. Service

"домашний" - "domestic"
"трагедия" - "tragedy"
"поезд" - "train"
"веселый" - "gay"
"фактически" - "in fact"
"внушать" - "to suggest"
"боль" - "pain"
"ужасный" - "awful"
"муженек" - "hubby"
"воскликнуть" - "to cry"
"дорогой" - "darling"
"отвечать" - "to reply"
"еще" - "else"
"причитать" - "to wail"
"румяный" - "ruddy"
"задыхаться" - "to gasp"
"бледнеть" - "to pale"
"вспышка" - "flash"
"страх" - "fear"
"просыпаться" - "to wake"
"трясти" - "to shake"
"быстро" - "swift"
"обнимать" - "to clasp"
"грудь" - "breast"
"верить" - "to believe"
"рыдание" - "sob"
"уловить" - "to catch"
"неземной" - "divine"
"кухарка" - "cook"

Robert W. Service

     A Domestic Tragedy

Clorinda met me on the way

As I came from the train;

Her face was anything but gay,

In fact, suggested pain.

‘Oh hubby, hubby dear!’ she cried,

‘I’ve awful news to tell. . . .’

‘What is it, darling?’ I replied;

‘Your mother - is she well?’

 ‘Oh no! oh no! it is not that,

It’s something else,’ she wailed,

My heart was beating pit-a-pat,

My ruddy visage paled.

Like lightning flash in heaven’s dome

The fear within me woke:

‘Don’t say,’ I cried, ‘our little home

Has all gone up in smoke!’

 She shook her head.  Oh, swift I clasped

And held her to my breast;

‘The children!  Tell me quick,’ I gasped,

‘Believe me, it is best.’

Then, then she spoke; ‘mid sobs I caught

These words of woe divine:

‘It’s coo-coo-cook has gone and bought

A new hat just like mine.'


Heaven’s dome – небосвод (поэт.)

pit-a-pat [ˌpitə’pæt] -  учащенно, трепеща