- тренажер для запоминания слов

Leonardo DiCaprio in the Ellen Show

"ужасный" - "scary"
"двигатель" - "engine"
"взрываться" - "to explode"
"превращать" - "to turn"
"огненный шар" - "fireball"
"инцидент" - "incident"
"гусь" - "goose"
"приземляться" - "to land"
"казаться" - "to seem"
"пламенный" - "flaming"
"пассажир" - "passenger"
"рай" - "heaven"
"кричать" - "to scream"
"стюардесса" - "stewardess"
"незначительный" - "slight"
"продолжать" - "to proceed"
"в сущности" - "basically"
"выбрасывать" - "to dump"
"топливо" - "fuel"
"аварийный" - "emergency"
"шина" - "tire"
"скорая помощь" - "ambulance"
"неприятность" - "bummer"
"невероятный" - "incredible"

Ellen: So? What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Leo: I was on the plane to Russia and the engine exploded. I was looking out of the window and the entire engine just turned into a fireball. It was right after Sully had that incident happen to him where the geese flew into both engines

Ellen: Right. And he landed on the river.

Leo: Yeah. And this happened in one of the engines, and I was the only person there that seemed to see this, but it was a flaming fireball, and it was all Russian passengers. And I kinda (kind of) felt I’d already died and gone to heaven ‘cause no one said anything. And I was screaming at the top of my lungs saying, “What the hell is going on here?”. And the people just kinda looked back at me and the stewardess came out and said, “We seem to have a slight problem here”. And the Russian guy finally said. What is the problem. And she said “Well, we… we lost one of our engines”. And he goes “How many engines did we have?”. And she goes, “Well, we had two. Now we have one”. And he proceeded to say, “That is not good”. And we basically dumped fuel for 45 minutes, and did an emergency landing, and all our tires exploded, and there were a hundred different ambulances there, and it was on CNN. That was another bummer.

Ellen: Wow. Oh my God. That’s incredible

Leo: I feel like I should write a book now

Ellen: Yeh, well, no, I’m gonna (going to) write it