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Золушка. Часть 6

уровень: средний, раздел: сказки

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Part 6

The King himself, old as he was, could not help watching (не мог не смотреть) her and telling the Queen softly that it was a long time since he had seen such a beautiful and lovely creature.

All the ladies were busied (=busy) in considering her clothes and headdress, that they might have some made next day after the same pattern, provided they could meet with such fine materials and as able hands to make them.

The King’s son conducted her to the most honorable seat and afterward took her out to dance with him. She danced so very gracefully that they all more and more admired her. A fine collation was served up, whereof (уст. откуда) the young Prince ate not a morsel, so intently was he busied in gazing on her.

She went and sat down by her sisters, showing them a thousand civilities, giving them part of the oranges and citrons (цитрон, сладкий лимон) which the Prince had presented her with, which very much surprised them, for they did not know her. While Cinderella was thus (так) amusing her sisters, she heard the clock strike eleven and three-quarters, whereupon (книжн. после чего) she immediately made a courtesy (сделала реверанс) to the company and hastened away as fast as she could.

Being got home, she ran to seek out (уст. разыскивать) her Godmother, and after having thanked her she said she could not but heartily wish she might go next day to the ball, because the King’s son had desired her.

As she was eagerly telling her Godmother what had passed at the ball her two sisters knocked at the door, which Cinderella ran and opened.

‘How long you have stayed!’ cried she, gaping, rubbing her eyes, and stretching herself as if she had been just waked out of her sleep. She had not, however, had any manner of inclination (у нее не было никакой возможности поспать) to sleep since they went from home.

‘If thou hadst (уст. = you had) been at the ball,’ said one of her sisters, ‘thou would'st not (уст. = you would not) have been tired with it. There came thither (уст. = there) the finest Princess, the most beautiful ever was seen with mortal eyes (самая прекрасная из всех, кого вы когда-либо встречали). She showed us a thousand civilities and gave us oranges and citrons.'

Cinderella seemed very indifferent in the matter. Indeed, she asked them the name of that Princess, but they told her they did not know it, and that the King’s son was very uneasy on her account (королевский сын очень беспокоился о том, кто она), and would give all the world to know who she was. At this Cinderella, smiling, replied:

‘She must, then, be very beautiful indeed. How happy you have been! Could not I see her? Ah! dear Miss Charlotte, do lend me your yellow suit of clothes which you wear every day.'

‘Ay, to be sure,’ cried Miss Charlotte; ‘lend my clothes to such it dirty cinder maid as thou art (уст. = you are)! I should be a fool.'

Cinderella expected well such answer and was very glad of the refusal, for she would have been sadly put to it if her sister had lent her what she asked for jestingly.

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Список слов, которые выучили в уроке

play softly - тихо, нежно
play pattern - образец, узор
play provided - при условии, если только
play able - способный, умеющий
play to conduct - сопровождать, сопутствовать
play honorable - почетный, благородный
play gracefully - грациозно, изящно
play to admire - восторгаться, восхищаться
play collation - легкая закуска
play to serve - накрывать на стол, служить
play morsel - маленький кусочек, кусочек
play intently - пристально, внимательно
play to gaze - вглядываться, пристально глядеть
play civility - любезность, вежливость
play to present - дарить
play to surprise - удивлять, изумлять
play to amuse - развлекать
play immediately - немедленно
play to hasten - торопиться, спешить
play to desire - умолять, желать
play eagerly - пылко, горячо
play to pass - происходить, проходить
play to gape - зевать
play to rub - тереть, тереться
play to stretch - тянуться, тянуть
play indifferent - безразличный, равнодушный
play matter - вопрос
play uneasy - беспокойный, неловкий
play to lend (lent, lent) - одалживать, давать взаймы
play fool - дурак
play to expect - ожидать, ждать
play refusal - отказ
play jestingly - шутя, в шутку

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