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The Knights Song

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Lewis Carroll

The Knight's Song

I'LL tell thee (=you) everything I can:

There's little to relate.

I saw an aged aged man,

A-sitting on a gate.

'Who are you, aged man?' I said.

'And how is it you live?'

And his answer trickled through my head,

Like water through a sieve.

He said, 'I look for butterflies

That sleep among the wheat:

I make them into mutton-pies,

And sell them in the street.

I sell them unto men,' he said,

'Who sail on stormy seas;

And that's the way I get my bread -

A trifle, if you please.'

But I was thinking of a plan

To dye one's whiskers (усы) green,

And always use so large a fan

That they could not be seen.

So having no reply to give

To what the old man said, I cried

'Come, tell me how you live!'

And thumped him on the head.

His accents (речь) mild took up the tale:

He said 'I go my ways,

And when I find a mountain-rill,

I set it in a blaze;

And thence (оттуда (книжн.)) they make a stuff they call

Rowland's Macassar-Oil (макассаровое масло для волос)

Yet twopence-halfpenny is all

They give me for my toil.'

But I was thinking of a way

To feed oneself on batter (болтушка),

And so go on from day to day '

Getting a little fatter.

I shook him well from side to side,

Until his face was blue:

'Come, tell me how you live,' I cried,

'And what it is you do!'

He said, 'I hunt for haddocks' eyes

Among the heather (вереск) bright,

And work them into waistcoat-buttons

In the silent night.

And these I do not sell for gold

Or coin of silvery shine,

But for a copper halfpenny,

And that will purchase nine.

'I sometimes dig for buttered rolls (булочки с маслом),

Or set limed twigs (веточка, покрытая птичьим клеем) for crabs:

I sometimes search the grassy knolls

For wheels of Hansom-cabs (двухколесный экипаж).

And that's the way' (he gave a wink)

'By which I get my wealth -

And very gladly will I drink

Your Honour's noble health.'

I heard him then, for I had just

Completed my design

To keep the Menai bridge (мост через пролив Менай в Великобритании) from rust

By boiling it in wine.

I thanked him much for telling me

The way he got his wealth,

But chiefly for his wish that he

Might drink my noble health.

And now, if e'er by chance I put

My fingers into glue,

Or madly squeeze a right-hand foot

Into a left-hand shoe,

Or if I drop upon my toe

A very heavy weight,

I weep, for it reminds me so

Of that old man I used to know -

Whose look was mild, whose speech was slow

Whose hair was whiter than the snow,

Whose face was very like a crow,

With eyes, like cinders, all aglow,

Who seemed distracted with his woe,

Who rocked his body to and fro,

And muttered mumblingly and low,

As if his mouth were full of dough,

Who snorted like a buffalo (зубр, бизон) -

That summer evening long ago,

A-sitting on a gate.

Список слов

to relate - рассказывать
gate - ворота
to trickle - просачиваться, сочиться
sieve - сито, решето
wheat - пшеница
mutton - баранина
trifle - пустяк, мелочь
to dye - красить, окрашивать
fan - веер, вентилятор
to thump - ударять
mild - мягкий, умеренный
to take up - продолжать начатое, браться
rill - ручеек, родник
blaze - пламя, яркий огонь
stuff - вещество, материал
toil - тяжелый труд
to hunt - охотиться, ловить
haddock - треска, пикша
button - пуговица
silent - безмолвный, молчаливый
copper - медный, медь
to purchase - покупать, закупать
to dig for - искать, докапываться
twig - веточка, прут
knoll - холмик, бугорок
wheel - колесо
wink - подмигивание, моргание
wealth - богатство, состояние
noble - благородный, возвышенный
rust - ржавчина
chiefly - главным образом, в основном
glue - клей
to squeeze - втискивать, сжимать
aglow - пылающий, сверкающий
distracted - обезумевший, сумасшедший
woe - горе, напасть
to and fro - взад и вперед, туда и сюда
to mutter - бормотать, говорить тихо
mumblingly - невнятно
dough - тесто
to snort - фыркать

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