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The Canary-bird And The Wasp

"птица" - "bird"
"люди" - "people"
"обращаться" - "to use"
"оса" - "wasp"
"канарейка" - "canary"
"клетка" - "cage"
"жить" - "to live"
"зерно" - "seed"
"вода" - "water"
"сахар" - "sugar"
"свежий" - "fresh"
"кусок" - "piece"
"пытаться" - "to try"
"прогонять" - "to drive away"
"убивать" - "to kill"
"красивый" - "handsome"
"элегантный" - "graceful"
"смотреть на" - "to look at"
"цвет" - "colour"
"тело" - "body"
"яркий" - "bright"
"форма" - "shape"
"верный" - "true"
"отвечать" - "to answer"
"развлекать" - "to treat"
"веселый" - "merry"
"песня" - "song"
"атаковать" - "to attack"
"жало" - "sting"

The Canary-bird And The Wasp

‘Why do people not use me as they use you?’ said a Wasp to a Canary. ‘They make you a cage to live in, and give you seed and water every day; and often I see them bring you sugar, and fresh pieces of green groundsel (крестовник) and chickweed (мокричник). But when I come, they all try to drive me away, and very often they even try to kill me; yet (хотя) I am handsome and graceful to look at. The yellow colour on my body is as bright as yours, and my shape is very fine.’

‘That is quite true,’ answered the Canary; ‘but when men come to see me I treat them to a merry song, while you attack them with your sting.’

As you treat others, others will treat you.


Крестовник - травянистое, кустарниковое или древовидное растение семейства сложноцветных.

Мокричник - однолетнее травянистое сорное растение семейства гвоздичных