- тренажер для запоминания слов

Ironquill. He and She

"мертвый" - "dead"
"находить" - "to find"
"тяжело" - "hard"
"сказать" - "to say"
"когда-либо" - "ever"
"другой" - "another"
"мужчина" - "man"
"подобный" - "like"
"заставлять" - "to make"
"думать" - "to think"
"полагать" - "to suppose"
"делать" - "to do"
"хотеть" - "to want"


He And She

When I am dead you'll find it hard,

Said he,

To ever find another man

Like me.

What makes you think, as I suppose

You do,

I'd ever want another man

Like you?