- тренажер для запоминания слов

C. J. Dennis - I wonder. Ч.1

"интересоваться" - "to wonder"
"носить" - "to wear"
"галстук" - "tie"
"теплый" - "warm"
"затяжка" - "whiff"
"трубка" - "pipe"
"веселье" - "fun"
"сильный" - "strong"
"больной" - "sick"
"курица" - "hen"
"кудахтанье" - "squawk"
"выдавать" - "to betray"
"яйцо" - "egg"
"хвалить" - "to praise"

C. J. Dennis

* * *

I wonder why I wear a tie. It is not warm to wear;

But if I left it off someone would say it was not there.


I wonder, if I took a whiff of father's pipe for fun,

Would I be big and strong like him, or just his small, sick son?


I wonder when our old white hen will know her squawk betrays her.

I think she lets us find her eggs just so that we shall praise her.